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Takowasa Ochazuke        12 

Ho jicha tea + dashi w/ octopus, wasabi, green onion

sesame, seaweed on rice

Yakitori Rice Bowl          14

Charcoal grilled chicken thighs on rice w/ teriyaki sauce

sesame and green onion

Beef Toro Rice Bowl       15

Charocal grilled thin slices of beef belly on rice w/ teriyaki sauce, sesame and green onion

Tan Tan Men                    15


Szechuan style minced pork noodle soup modified in Japanese style, housemade chili oil, peanut butter, cucumber, sesame and green onion

Tempura Udon                 16

Soy + bonito broth, Tempura: 2 prawns, 4 kind of veggie

Mentaiko Pasta                19

Japanese cod roe butter, whole scallop, mushrooms, sesame, green onion and Linguine

Please inform us for any food allergy  before ordering

18% gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more

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