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About Us

Bincho Izakaya is located on 4th Street & 22nd Ave SW.

The word: Izakaya means “A place for drinks” and we are also a place for great food!
Please follow us on Instagram for updates on weekly specials and other amazing food and drink photo such as Sake, Whisky, Sushi, Kushiyaki, Rice Bowl and Japanese style Pasta, etc.


*We also offer Omakase (Chef’s Menu Dinner, 2 days notice in advance) 

If you're looking for a new creative food and great atmosphere restaurant to hang out with friends and families (Kids friendly), Bincho Izakaya is definitely the place you’re looking for!


“Live Long & Sake”


Our Kitchen

In recent years, Japanese cuisine is steadily increases the popularity in Canada. But when it comes to Japanese food in Canada, Sushi & Ramen will automatically comes in most people's mind. As we are now living in a modern society, more Japanese food ideas such as Donburi, Kushiyaki and Omakase are coming into Canada.

Our ultimate goal is to introduce more knowledge and Japanese food by bringing the best ingredients from Japan and all over the world so our customers can enjoy the best worldwide seasonal ingredients in Calgary. 

If you love food, we welcome you to come eat at our restaurant and share your thoughts with us.

Bincho Izakaya

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